Film Trailer

The Heaven Movie is currenty in Post Production. Here is a rough cut teaser while you wait.


Film Donation

This is an exciting time as the filming is completed. We want to bring the film to the next level so we need to raise an additional $30,000 for Post Production and adding additional special effects. We really could use your support with your donations. You can make a difference in peoples lives. Help us impact lives, bring healing and encouragement to those who are suffering.


Film Involvement

Get your church involved in Film Presentation. Get new members plugged in and invite your family, friends and neighbors to view this inspiring film.


Film Presentation

See how the film will blend Heaven and Earth together to create this exciting film.


Good Christian Movies

This film platform is a great place for the Lord to speak to your heart through films. Take some time to hear stories how God worked in the hearts of people and changed their lives.

“Watch and see how the Lord can speak to you and your families through their testimonies.”

"Questions on Heaven"