Film Trailer

This is a very exciting time. The Heaven Movie is currently in Post-Production. Here is a rough-cut trailer while you wait. Please pray that the Lord would guide our steps and that He would continue to bless and encourage us.


Film Involvement

This is a great opportunity to reach out into your local community. You can serve them by inviting them to the Heaven Film Presentation. Help your new members get plugged in by inviting their family, friends and neighbors to view this inspiring film.


Film Presentation

This film speaks to the heart and gives hope for the future. Heaven is the answer to many of our questions. God has given us a great gift through Jesus Christ and understanding by his Spirit. In Heaven we find our redemption completed, our dreams restored and our hope fulfilled. This is your opportunity to share the great news.

Questions About Heaven

John 14:2-4, “In My Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you; I am going to go and prepare a place for you.“

Short Video on Heaven

  • "The Unexpected Gift" is a true story that will touch your heart. It was modified to be told from a Heavenly perspective. If you have struggled with the loss of a loved one, this short video may encourage your heart. It speaks of restoration of relationships and the God who can redeem things all things.

Our Heavenly Bodies

  • Will we have physical bodies in Heaven and if we do, will they be like our current earthly bodies? Will we be recognizable and will we be able to recognize our family and friends that are in heaven? Will we have similar characteristics, mannerisms and habits that define who we are now in Heaven?

Our Heavenly Identity

  • Will we have memories of our earthly life? Will we have the same personality and interests? Will I have joy, laughter and excitment like I have now? Will they have different cultures and languages in Heaven? How much of who I am now, will be part of me there? Will I be a totally diffrent person.

Our Heavenly Relationships

  • Will I be near the ones I love and will the relationships I have with them continue? Will I have new relationships with people I do not know? Will I be nervous or afraid of different cultures and people? What about my family and friends that died, do they know what is happening to me on the earth?

Our Relationship with God

  • Will we see God, will he really want to see me? What type of relationship will I have with Him, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Will he ever get sick of me or even worse, will I get bored with God? My heart wonders so much now, how am I going to live in a way that is pleasing to God for all of eternity?

Our Heavenly Worship

  • Will we be worshipping God continual, like at an endless church service? In the bible it says they worshiped him day and night, will I ever get sick or bored with worship? I am a little afraid of Heaven because I cannot even stay focused on worship now, how am I going to stay focused for all of eternity?

Our Heavenly Kingdom

  • What does heaven look like, is their vegetation, rivers, mountains, streams and trees? Will there be animals, angels, or other creatures, and will I have any contact with them? How big is the New Jerusalem, will I get to explore it and are their other cites or things outside the New Jerusalem to see?

Our Kingdom Life

  • Will Heaven be better than our current lives, what will we do there? Will there be music, will we learn, will we work, will we laugh and will we rest. Is there anything that we enjoyed on earth be in Heaven? I enjoy painting, reading, writing, learning, playing and listening to music, will we have some of the same hobbies?