About The Founder

About the founder:

Alan Duprey resides in Agawam, MA with his wife Jennie. He has lead home bible studies for the past twenty-five years and is an Elder at Christ Community Church in Belchertown, MA. He is the Author of the novel, “Heaven: The Adventure Begins”.  He also is a partner in Media 14:36 Inc. a publishing company that focuses of faith-based books and is now expanding into the film industry.  He also is the President of MACDAC Engineering, which is a software company, which specializes in manufacturing.

My Name is Alan Duprey and I am one of the owners of Publishing and Media company, Media 14:36. I am also the author of the book, “Heaven: The Adventure Begins” which inspired the HEAVEN movie. As Exclusive Director and owner of The Heaven Movie, I have been involved in the this project every step of the way beginning in 2008. 

It is funny how The Lord can take an average man and direct his paths with twists and turns according to His will. My background is not in Film or Writing, my career is in Manufacturing for the last forty years. I am still in a wide variety of manufacturing shops all over New England focusing on CNC Machining applications and I also own a company called MACDAC Engineering. 

In 2008 I was at church and I was listening to a sermon on the resurrection. During the message I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to write a book about Heaven. It took a few months of the Lord prodding me to move forward because I never wrote or had the desire to write a book, especially on a challenging subject like Heaven. The Lord directed my steps and each chapter was based on something I read in the scriptures or from a sermon I had heard. If it was not for the Lord’s prodding the book never would have been done.

After the book was written, I discovered that the subject of Heaven, was a forgotten subject and most people never considered it. The Lord put on my heart to learn about Heaven, so I read books and searched the scriptures and then began to teach the glories of Heaven from a biblical perspective combined with observation and reason. I then discovered by the testimonies of others that this subject can impact people’s lives.

As an owner of Media 14:36 we have worked with other producers and have made movies previously. Through Media 14:36 we found Angus Benfield, the Director, Lead Actor and Screenwriter of the Heaven movie. He was everything we needed to bring the Heaven book to screen. We believe this is the first in a trilogy.
The Heaven movie has a two fold mission. One is to change the view that Heaven is a boring place and like an endless church service. I want to make known the greatness of what God has prepared for us and create an excitement in the hearts of people as they consider their eternal home and what they will be like and what they will do. 

The second mission is to bring hope and peace to those who have bad memories of past events. Many of these memories hold them captive and eat away at their lives and rob them of the joy that life can give. I hope this movie can give relief to those that have suffered loss or regret the decisions and circumstances of the past.
I also hope this film will give hope for the future and that Heaven would not be a place that people fear, but embrace. I hope God uses this film to speak into hearts that desire times of refreshing and answers many questions people have about Heaven. I believe this movie is a stepping stone and I hope it raises questions and that people would begin to seek answers.

My personal prayer for this movie is that it would spread globally and would give great hope to those who watch it. I pray that the subject of Heaven becomes a topic among the churches and extends past the church doors. I pray that this movie would show that God can redeem all things in our lives. That he can take helpless situations and use them for good, to show his mighty power to change lives