Film Investment

Heaven: The Adventure Begins Film Investment

How did we get here?

I have been walking on a long path the Lord has laid before me since I wrote the novel, “Heaven: The Adventure Begins”. It has been one where lives have been changed, including mine. It has not been an easy path to follow but one with many twists and turns, and ups and downs. What He has done in my life through this is amazing; it has been an adventure. This is not my story though, it’s the Lord’s. He is about to open the flood gates of His grace in a unique way that will bring peace, grace and comfort to a multitude of people across the entire globe.

The Synopsis of the Film

This film is different than any other film; it has never been done before. It is a fictional story about a man named Jonathan who goes through life’s trials, struggles, and tribulations. The difference with this film is that all the fruits of these trials are seen from Heaven. The film flashes back and forth between Heaven and Earth, giving a unique viewpoint of life’s many challenges. This story is riveting, emotional and impacting. It answers questions about the struggles of life, death and eternity in a biblical, satisfying way. This film will challenge the status quo of Heaven being boring, sitting on clouds playing harps or an endless church service. It will capture the attention of the viewer as the Lord will speak into many lives through this film.

The Scope of Distribution

This Heaven Film can capture a global market today and for decades to come. It is available to virtually everyone, 24/7, 365 days a year through video streaming, DVD sales, theaters, iPhones, tablets and laptops. Heaven is a global subject that crosses borders, cultures and religions. The subject of Heaven can and will open doors for dialogue through the film, study guides and materials that follow.

Production and distribution companies are already in place. To keep the budget down, the writers, directors, cast and crew agreed to take a small amount of money up front. They will receive the rest of their earnings through percentages when the film is released and after the investors are paid back.

Investors are paid back "first”, which gives as much security as possible for all those who invest. Most of the money a film makes is at the time of release, so the investors won't have to wait years to receive their investment back and their return on investment. They are expecting around 236% ROI (Return on Investment) from the film. They would like to start filming in November 2019, and go into post production from December through February with a release date in March 2020.

In Closing

I hope the Lord speaks to your heart and you consider investing. This is a good opportunity to invest in the Kingdom with an added benefit of receiving your money back with interest as the film moves forward, but this is in the Lords hands. The Lord is good to His people and I expect He will bless us according to His good purposes. Come join us in the Lord’s work and change lives.

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