Film Involvement

Heaven: The Adventure Begins Film

This film is based on a Novel by A R Duprey.  It is a story about a family’s struggle with work, sickness and death. The story follows a nonlinear path between cinematic scenes on Earth and in Heaven. They discover that their earthly lives was more than a series of disappointments and pain. They discover that God had a plan for their lives on earth and a wonderful future for the life to come. It is a story of great love, hope, confidence and redemption. They see the true meaning of life as they see and know the Lord who controls the past, present and future. It is a story that will impact lives for the body of Christ.

New members in exciting ministries

We have noticed that Movie Presentations is a great way to involve new members in the church, to get them plugged in and serve. We have noticed people have a strong desire to meet actors, producers and other people from the film industry. They find it exciting to be involved in this kind or outreach.

Getting the public through the church doors

We have noticed that the public will invite their family and friends for the public viewing of a film because of their involvement. This also is a great way to mingle and even introduce the church to the public at the beginning or the end of the film. They will sit among the members of the church and conversations will begin.

Evangelism and growth through Christian Film

Christian films can be seen 24/7 and 365 days a year across the globe. Christian films are seen by millions of people in theaters, on televisions, computers, tablets and Iphones. This is a great way to evangelize and create spiritual growth in the Christian Church. This is a new generation that is computer driven and if we want to make a difference for the kingdom this is already a proven path to change people’s lives.